you make my heart hurt

and we still have yet to meet


the funny thing is the boy with the butterflies

turned out to be the boy with the moths.

and with just that

the world became moonlight.

gauze curtains that became luminescent with soft touch, light laughter as I brushed a moth from my hair. he was glowing against the light. simply breathtaking in all his kindness, all his loneliness, and all his love.

moon beam, moths,

the boy,

and me.

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hello old love,

it’s been a while.

how have you been? have you been taking care of yourself? do you laugh more? do you sing more? when you cry, are there hands to hold you?

it’s been a while since i’ve last seen you,

lifetimes really.

but you look just as beautiful as you did those lifetimes ago.

so just as we did in the past

let’s go skipping stones,

catch falling leaves,


say hello

once again.

I’d figured it to be some form of heart ache for the past few months. All at the same time, an empty heart, turning heart, and sad heart. A lonely one.

They say that red’s the color of love but contrary.

It’s the red that is scraped knees, the kind that comes from tripping over my own two feet, for being too adventurous, too reckless. It is the choked back tears that come and the mock bravery. The red that is the sunrise that marks my white covers, wakes me up and draws me to the light; the red that moves me while the world is still trembling in its own warmth. The loneliness despite warmth and the awe in a flowering sun. It is the red of my flustered cheeks, the red of my scattered notes, and the red

that isn’t really from what I thought was my heart

but a sheltered and imploring


And it says hello again. A thank you for finding it. Its color? It’s—

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hey, little brother.

sorry your big sis isn’t that great right now, not as popular as I seem, not as out there as I seem, not as happy as I seem.

I’m just feeling a bit low lately

but I promise you I’ll be back on my feet soon, so that I can help you back up too.