how could I have ever let myself forget those words I said back then

that life will always be a rough draft for us to edit. revise our values as we please, change and mold.

I think I tend to overwork myself a lot to try and forget things– it works but it still leaves me feeling pretty crap. Try to get things done all at once so that the ideas don’t slip away, call it a creative high but I don’t know if it’s really just my working as fast and as nonstop as possible as to not let my motivation slip away. Don’t want my mind to change and resolve to shake. But it’s okay to be flexible, to take breaks, to come back to things.

I’ve always been obsessive with progress. Resolving issues in a day or shelving them to never come back. It’s a resolve that’s weak nonetheless, a cowardly resolve almost that is “finishing things” so that I never have to come back to them.

I need to take care of my body better and give myself and the work I do the benefit of change. It’s okay to make edits.

Whether it be on designs, writing, decisions, and me.

Nothing is ever solidified and doesn’t have to be. Edit.

“just a note, you don’t have to do things in 1 day, like the tshirt design and this and everything. you can let thoughts marinate and make drafts and come back to refining things.”


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