a fish-eyed wonder, really

I tread water lightly.

that night, I remember how the waves had crashed in the dark, not searching but calling.

looking closer into these waters, it wasn’t too difficult to see that giant goldfish were the source of this medley– not difficult to see but difficult to process, in all honesty. they weren’t writhing, no, but tossing and turning. in the way we turn in our sleep, pushing the covers of water around, wrinkling the sheets.

insomniac goldfish?

I couldn’t figure out too much why they were in these salt waters to start with. it began to rain down, at first a silver rain, then a golden rain– a pure kind of liquid sun in the timeless night, settling on scales and ripples of space. yet the moon stood still.

I dreamt once that you were next to me, watching this same scene play out like fairytale.

tell-tale darling, I wish I were sharing this same sight with you just like that night.

a dream in a dream.

there’s an empty space where you used to stand, it’s a little colder now.




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