some words about this blog and me

Nice to meet you!

I’m Nhi Truong (without the “s,” someone had taken “nhitruong” without)!

I’m far from quick and witty¬†but I do my best to get by. I draw here and there, got a few years of shaky piano piled on, and apologize to inanimate objects a lot. I’ve never been particularly good at these biography bits so I’ll stop here and hope you can hear Nhi Truong in my pieces.

I hope that these pieces will help you brave through even the heaviest of nights. I hope that maybe they’ll nudge you a little closer to your core, show you that the face looking back in the mirror is somebody worth sticking by. I hope that you will let yourself be happy, let yourself cry, let yourself live.

I hope that these words will reach you as hands that can hold you.

To these little fragments of my life. And to the beautiful fragments of yours.

Even if the mirror breaks, we’ll learn to turn the shards to the sun to catch light and grow.

a self-care post / if you need reassurance